“I recently began using RDW Speech Pathology services and she is great. She is generous with her time…”

I recently began using RDW Speech Pathology services and she is great. She is generous with her time and knows great methods/ techniques for helping adults with their speech issues. She is flexible with scheduling and can schedule sessions through Skype. She also works with youth and has many years of experience working in both public and private schools.

-C.T.  (Yelp)

I went to Ruth to get help with my speech rate – I’m a fast talker and sometimes people have trouble understanding me. Ruth was able to help me understand how my speech sounds to other people, by natural conversation, reading articles, and listening to my own recorded voice. She also helped me with me pitch, speech, intonation, and stumbling over specific sounds (I never knew there was a named sound called a ‘schwa’.) Ruth is very flexible with appointment times and is totally willing to do over-the-phone or Skype sessions. Highly recommended!

-Vaughn K. (Yelp)

Ruth is an amazing speech pathologist. I hired her to work with my 4 year old son who was shy and would barely speak due to the frustrations he had communicating. She was able to figure out all his consonant substitutions and then worked with him on each trouble area until he got each right. She also provided exercises for us to do at home. Through her kindness and great coaching, she got him talking and he now speaks clearly and with confidence. Thank you Ruth!

-J.D. (Yelp)

Two of our children had speech problems and Ruth worked with both of them. She’s wonderful with kids. I don’t know much about speech pathology, but she was informative and clear about what the problems were and how she was addressing them. She gave us manageable exercises to practice at home and continued with the children until she and I felt confident the therapy was successful. I felt she was very thorough and honest. Both of my children enjoyed the sessions tremendously, and I feel their speech is much improved because of Ruth.

-Amy A. (Yelp)

Thank you for all your help with “L”. He has done very well working with you. Thank you as well for giving the CDC your notes. We will keep you up to date with his progress.

-M+D (Yelp)

 My speech seems normal, despite the fact that I appear to have an “accent”.    Most of the time, new acquaintances cannot place my nationality since they cannot decipher my accent.   I was fitted with hearing aids 3 years ago for congenital hearing loss in the upper third of the higher decibels.  Because I never heard the parts of speech, I did not have the correct pronunciation in my own speech.  With the hearing aids, I can finally distinguish the different sounds in words, especially the sounds in the letters “t”, “s”, “th”, and “r”.  Hearing these sounds recently made me realize that I had a speech impediment.

Consultation with Ruth was easy and fun.  Therapy was quite short, and practice was incorporated in every day speech.  Within 2 short months, my speech impediment of 40 years was improved by 80%.  Now, my speech is much clearer and even more concise, organized, and within the correct pitch.

Thank you, Ruth for making speech easier, more automatic, and less work.  I am much more confident and others are able to understand my speech.

-Theresa C. (Yelp)

 My daughter is actually enjoying her sessions with you and that is the most important thing. One thing I noticed is that she seems a bit more at ease with her writings. For instance, she came up with a pretty good short essay for her Mercy High-school application. She also requested that I NOT correct her report as she wanted to turn it in as it was and get direct feedback form her teacher. I think those are all positive signs and things are moving forward. Thank you and I am so glad we found you.

-I B.K.