Cell phone mania

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in General |

Have you noticed how many moms are pushing a stroller while talking on their cell phones? I have often thought about the consequences of spending so much time on our cell phones that we are replacing time spent conversing and explaining to our babies and toddlers with amusing ourselves talking on cell phones and being distracted from our children.

For most children this probably doesn’t really effect their language acquisition. However, if you suspect your child may have difficulty understanding language or appears to be late in speaking you may want to think about how much time you spend on your phone when you are with your child. Perhaps it would be ea good idea to spend some of that time explaining what you are doing and trying to engage your child in conversation. I always like to give children choices. For example I might ask, “Would you like to stay home and read a book or go to the park?” Maybe the child is too young to really tell you but you might be able e to tell from his/her gestures and facial expressions what he or she wants to do. Likewise, I like to give children a choice of two games to play, books to read, preferred drink (Would you like milk or orange juice?). Many of you probably do this instinctively but if not try to pay attention to how much time you s pend speaking and interacting with your child. The benefits will be rewarding for everyone.